Weekly Distro Roundup with Jon Treneff!


Hey World – Happy Thursday! Back again and coming thru with the latest n greatest in distro action from the soggy interior of the enchanted LITA HQ aka Seattle aka Jet City (Woman) aka home of THE FUTURE CHAMPIONS OF FOOTBALL. We’re so excited here we’re working with foam fingers on all week! So apologies in advance for the typos.

This week we’ve got a winter cornucopia of distro delights – something for everyone, I dare say. So let’s dispense with the small talk and colloquialisms and get down to chowing down, no?

Walker Brothers – Nite Flights

A huge, huge jam on so many levels. After taking a long hiatus from the Bros. to focus on his solo career, this was where Scott Walker definitively broke away from the last moorings tying him to conventional pop-life. Subterranean and surprisingly funky, Nite Flights sounds more like Eno and Roxy Music than the baroque MOR-stylings that brought The Walkers to fame. A direct influence on Berlin-era Bowie, Ultravox, and the entire New Romantic/synth-pop movement of the ’80′s. Essential for everyone interested in anything.


Christopher Komeda – Rosemary’s Baby OST

Finally – the definitive edition of this creeper classic! Waxwork raised the roof on this one, sparing no expense in giving Komeda’s chilling score the ultra-deluxe treatment. Clear wax housed in a beautiful heavyweight gatefold, this is one of the more stunning visual artifacts we’ve had the pleasure of fondling in a minute. Immaculate conception, indeed!


Mod Subs – Primitive By Today’s Standards
(Steady Sounds/Beach Impediment)

Steady Sounds (one of our fave stores) lets loose this raw blast of southern punk fury into the world at last. Mod Subs were a short-lived Richmond outfit that took their cues from The Stooges and The Germs – and then dragged things down even further into the dirt. Primitive by almost all standards imaginable, this is the lost art of no-frills PUNK played at breakneck speeds. Limited to 300 and going OOP quicker than I can type OOP. Lemme see you bleed!


Ti Paris Et Sa Guitare – Ti Paris Et Sa Guitare
(Little Axe)

Fresh steps from our friends down the road, Little Axe (who also run a primo shop – do not miss whence in Portland). Real talk: 9 times outta 10 I can’t be bothered to cross the room for this kinda thing – but this be that number 10. Ti Paris was a Haitian troubadour, and folk hero for pretty much anyone coming of age from the ’50′s on. Super minimal, inventive songs built around skeletal guitar patterns, hand drums, and voice. Every song he wrote was like a Haitian “Wooly Bully.” Equally good for limbo parties or just wandering around the house blindly on Sunday morning.

*All titles mentioned above are available at the Light In The Attic record store in Seattle. Store is open on Friday from 12-8 PM weekly, and starting February, Saturday 12-4pm!