We’re Goin’ to the Grammys!



We are humbled that two Light In The Attic releases have been nominated for Grammy awards this year. There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1966 – 1971 CD box set (deluxe version) has been nominated for Best Historical Album and I’m Just Like You: Sly’s Stone Flower 1969-70 has been nominated for Best Album Notes by the 57th Grammy Awards. We’ll be attending the event this Sunday, February 8th and all we really want is a solid ‘Hi, mom!’ moment and some champagne clinks.


There’s a Dream I’ve Been Saving
our most expansive and lavishly packaged project to date, was seven years in the making. The set commemorates the legacy of Lee Hazlewood Industries and its stable full of brilliant artists. Some of these artists we’ve even put out individually, including Honey Ltd. and Arthur. The deluxe box set includes a hard cover book, a DVD of Cowboy In Sweden, 4 CDs and 3 DVDs worth of tunes, a flexi disc of Lee ‘studio chatter,’ a reproduction of Lee’s original LHI business card, archive photos and more.

The mastermind behind the LHI box is Hunter Lea, who co-produced the set with Matt Sullivan and Patrick McCarthy (LITA project manager). Hunter is a Lee Hazlewood historian and a musician in his own right. There would be no LHI series without him.

One of the most unique and fun features of the deluxe edition is the Hazlewood ‘studio chatter’ flexi disc. “When we started to listen to playback of the tapes, there were so many amazing Lee moments,” Patrick remembers. One such moment included Lee giving the direction, ‘Play it like a cowboy song!’ Studio chatter like this is a rare glimpse of how these people really acted in every day interactions. You hear Lee being charming, riffing with people and teasing. “There were hours and hours of tape to go through and as we listened to transfers, we marked great lines. This stuff was too good not to share,” says Patrick. 


sly suzi

Lee Hazlewood and Suzi Jane Hokom Photo Courtesy of Mark Pickerel


All of these components render a portrait of Mr. Hazlewood as a fiercely talented, brutally independent, ornery, and visionary svengali/super-producer/songwriter who set a new standard for creative freedom within the music industry. His is a life that should be studied and that was our aim with this box set.

Hear a little bit of that ol’ Lee chatter and find out more about the release in the following video:




Photo by Stephen Paley.

Photo by Stephen Paley.

Sly Stone ran the influential yet short-lived Stone Flower record label from 1969-1971. The sound Stone formulated while working on Stone Flower’s output would shape the next phase in his own career as a recording artist: it was here he began experimenting with the brand new Maestro Rhythm King drum machine. In conjunction with languid, effected organ and guitar sounds and a distinctly lo-fi soundscape, Sly’s productions for Stone Flower would inform the basis of his masterwork There’s A Riot Goin’ On. The Grammy nominated liner notes for which this album is nominated are by the immensely talented, Alec Palao, who also acted as producer and compiler.


rhythm king

Photo by David Black. Rhythm King courtesy of Steve Frothingham.


2015′s off to a superb start for Sly, as he recently won a major court case against his former manager for millions in unpaid royalties. Cha-ching, baby! This is an epic and well-deserved win for Sly and sets a great precedent for all artists. It’s nice to see Sly finally getting what’s rightfully his. Fingers crossed for a Grammy win to add to a banner year for the man!

Sly, circa 2014. Photo by David Black.

Sly, 2014. Photo by David Black.