Tilson helps a brother out::Photo by Jackie Kingsbury

These things occured last Saturday afternoon at The 2nd Annual Saturday Knights’ Donut Eating Contest:

1.  Billy the Fridge (as imposing as his name) was not chosen as a competitor for the competition.

2.  Billy the Fridge then paid 40 dollars to an unsuspecting competitor to literally “buy his seat”.  Said competitor accepted the 40 dollars (with gentle coddling from the lovely Nancy Guppy) and, in the parlance of our times, we had a ballgame.

The Fridge, triumphant::Photo by Jackie Kingsbury

3.  Billy the Fridge consumed, with seemingly little effort, 11 donuts in just under 5 minutes, while our favorite Seattle trio, banged out a solid, short, and unimaginably sweet set of their hits.  Fridge’s only competition came from a Louisiana native bearing the moniker “Donut Angel of Death”.  He consumed ten massive glaze-covered cake donuts, but in the end, The Fridge walked away with the 2nd Annual Saturday Knights Donut Eating Contest crown.

4.  Three people puked, including Billy the Fridge, supposedly, absolutely everywhere.

5.  A crowd of enthusiastic patrons of said 2nd Annual Donut Eating Contest scurried on over to the Capitol Hill Block Party to see an absolutely riveting set by our gentleman scholars The Saturday Knights (a video below of their enthusiastic performance of “Motorin’”)

We’ll say this, in terms of The Saturday Knights it was a weekend to remember, possibly, if you’re into that sort of thing, maybe even cherish.  Thus, our usual quota of pity is delegated to those who were unable to attend.  More pictures and the promised video below the jump.

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The Competitors::Photo by Jackie Kingsbury

The, er, “Angel of Donut Death”::Photo by Jackie Kingsbury

This fellow later vomited::Photo by Jackie Kingsbury

The true heroes of the day::Photo by Jackie Kingsbury