We’d imagine that if you dug in deep enough, every corner on every street in every nook of America would have some pretty amazing stories to tell.  City, farms, suburbs, caverns – each and all have seen their share of joy, loss, love, and despair.

Thus, The Corner, a project based in Seattle from local NPR affiliates and the trouble makers over at KUOW, sheds light on the corner of 23rd and Union, a section of the city that’s seen it’s fair share of, well, shit.  Why do you ask are we showcasing this amazing online interactive documentary?

First off, it’s impressively put together, a true recollection of the events of a certain spot and how they’ve effected the lives of those that have been there before, all the while allowing members of the community to call in and actually recount their own experience with the city.  Secondly, our man Aaron Dixon, he of The Black and White Affair (which you can hear on our soon to be re-reissued Wheedle’s Groove as well as in the upcoming documentary of the same name) speaks his mind, giving his own account of his time spent on this corner.

It’s an amazing little bit of work and we’re truly excited that a project like this has come to fruition.

Check out the amazing The Corner right HERE.