What team are you on? We’re on TEAM DREAMIN’ | Donnie & Joe Emerson tees NOW IN STOCK

Hot off the press! To celebrate the release of the bedroom masterpiece Dreamin’ Wild by Donnie & Joe Emerson, we’ve pressed up this limited edition old-school baseball tee! With this double-sided tee, you can show off your true colors and let everyone know that you’re on the “Dreamin’ Wild” team. That’s right, TEAM DREAMIN’ 4-EVER! The back features the EMERSON name (‘cause we’re all an Emerson on Team Dreamin’) and the retired number 79 (the year of the original album’s release!).

Grab one at LITA-LTD here! See you out on the field!

* Donnie & Joe approved!
* Hand silkscreened double-sided American Apparel Raglan tees (super soft, like old-school baseball shirts!)
* Available S, M, L, and XL