Wheedle’s Groove Doc Gets Its California Debut!


Helllllo000, California! Everyone knows that San Francisco is the town to wear flowers in your hair and shit, but  that’s all gonna change. ???, you ask? Well, just you watch out, because on Wednesday, November 17th, Wheedle’s Groove will be making its California debut. That’s right, the sweet soul sounds of Seattle’s finest are gonna waft down all those steep hills and funk that city up! Yuh!

To get hip to the Wheedle, check out the trailer:

So if you’re in San Francisco, than come on out! Feel free to share with your friends and announce your presence on the Facebook Event Page HERE.

Wheedle’s Groove Movie
California Premiere!
Wednesday, November 17 at 7:30 PM
Magic Bus Movie Night
@ Ninth Street Independent Film Center
(145 9th St., San Francisco, CA)