Wheedle’s Groove @ Moore Theater | Stranger Genius Awards (FRIDAY!)

Hey Seattle! This Friday Wheedle’s Groove are headlining at the Moore Theater for the Ninth Annual Stranger Genius Awards. This is going to be a fun night and such an honor to be part of. Here’s the official word from The Stranger. Leave a comment on the Facebook event page and get the word out. Hope to see you there!

We here at The Stranger may be a bunch of queers and heretics, but there is one thing we believe in: art. Every year, we celebrate Seattle’s greatest artists in film, music, visual art, books, and theater—by giving them $5,000 each and throwing a giant citywide party in their honor. Seattle always turns out to make it a blast. You’re invited to the Ninth Annual Stranger Genius Awards Party, featuring live performances by Wheedle’s Groove and Wild Orchid Children, as well as DJ sets by Emerald City Soul Club and OC Notes. What are you wearing? (Moore Theatre, 1932 Second Ave, www.strangertickets.com, 9:30 pm, $7, 21+)