We know, we’ve been on a bit of music recommendation kick this last week or so, but what can we say, these are slow times news wise, and we couldn’t be happier sharing these fantastic titles from other amazing labels.

Today’s adventurous choice?

Where’s Benin you might ask?  It’s a sliver of a country sandwiched between Ghana and Nigeria.  And who might the Legends of Benin be?  Hell if we know, but this compilation of Beninese music is somewhere between James Brown, Fela Kuti, and the grey enigma that is Benin.  Check out track number two for some of the funkiest Afro-soul you’ve ever laid ears on.

And if that tickles your toast, the rest of this album is right up your funky funky alley. 

Analog Africa is only on its fifth release, but from a quick jaunt through their website, and a brief perusal of some of their downloadable mixes, this is a label to keep an eye out for.  

We certainly enjoyed this brilliant mix.

Check out the whole website right HERE.  It’s full of amazing mixes and peeks in to a world of African funk and soul you’ve never imagined.  Well worth your time.