Yes, we know, on occasion we spend a little too much time tooting the old Light In The Attic horn. Look how good this reissue is!  Look how many magazines think The Saturday Knights are awesome!  This band is coming to your town, and you, you smarmy bastards you, should go see them!  Oh god, we’re doing it again …

Well, we stumbled across this bit of news on the old internet the other day and thought that you, our loyal fans would find it entertaining as a motherfucker:

Jean Grae, uber-talented femcee who’s been dropping verses since the dawn of time, isn’t really feeling the state of the economy right now, so she’s venturing out of the circle ‘o’ record labels and just, well, selling her shit.  Yup, you, your mom, your pooch, ANYONE can just hit up Ms. Grae, shell out a whopping 800 dollars, and she’ll throw down a 16-bar blast of the stuff of rap legends.  Seriously, no joking, we just dropped 800 for our future hit “Matt Sullivan Touched Your Moms … and your sister.”  It’s a sweet joint and now we have a guest spot from the one, the only Jean Grae.


Here’s what Ms. Grae had to say about it:

So, the economy sucks…. I apparently have another unauthorized album for sale dropping Sept 30th and I figure, if everyones gonna make money offa me, why not make it directly and directly to the people who really love this shit anyway.
Out the hands of big business, straight to you.

So.. you got beats?? cd’s?? envelopes?? yousendit?? protools?
Whatever you got I’ll try and find a way to work with it.

I work fast, so you’ll have em fast.

16′s for $800 (cause 8′s half of 16..ooh math! math yo!) and yeah..we can negotiate.
Maybe you want a hook.. or 8 bars. or an into.. or outro.. whatever.

Here’s the full link to her, hah hah, CRAIG’S LIST POST. Help her out, the economy sucks!