Man, so if you missed out on The Black Angels/Roky Erickson show in Seattle or Portland the last two nights, we really do beg of you close enough to the action in LA or SF to get out and check this crazed pairing out.  The Black Angels put on their usually fantastic show, even incorporating a few songs we’ve never heard before, but the rare chance to see them as a psych-Godfather Roky Erickson’s back-up band is pretty magical.  There’s a lair of spookiness and bluesiness that differs so much from their usual psych-drone – highly recommended …

Especially for you folk in LA who now have the chance to win a pair of free tickets through the good folk over at LA Record.  All you have to do is head on over to the LA Record website, answer some seriously daunting trivia questions, and if you do well enough, you might just have the chance of winning either a pair of tickets to the El Rey show ON HALLOWEEN or a variety of other awesome awesome prizes (LPs, books, a psychedelic tour poster, etc.).

So just head on over to the LA Records sight, and you can get your trivia on.

The full deets after THE JUMP!

Welcome to the L.A. RECORD’s GRE (Glorify Roky Erickson) exam—below you will find five ultimately challenging Roky trivia questions. Don’t worry—they are multiple choice, and we will be grading on a curve so don’t wimp out! In case of a tie, the earlier entry will win!

First prizes are a PAIR OF TICKETS to see Roky live at the El Rey with the Black Angels on Halloween! (Est. retail value incalculable by human measurements.)

For second, third and honorary mention we have mind-melting Roky paraphernalia from the righteous people at Process Media, Norton Records and Roky’s management itself, for which we are cheerful, bashful and grateful! These prizes include…

EYE MIND: THE SAGA OF ROKY ERICKSON AND THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, THE PIONEERS OF PSYCHEDELIC SOUND—the definitive and exhaustive biography of the first psychedelic rock band on the planet! With this by your bed, you’ll ace every Roky trivia challenge ever!

ROKY ERICKSON AND THE EXPLOSIVES – HALLOWEEN: RECORDED LIVE 1979-81—Norton’s gatefold 2XLP of Roky at his most fearsome! We are listening to this RIGHT NOW (not the contest copy, don’t worry!) and it rules. In fact, the version of “Wake Up To Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the above podcast is from THIS VERY RECORD!

seen here and in full color in the last L.A. RECORD, but never revealed in its full glory until this contest, which will put it in your actual hands!

Email us your answers at by MIDNIGHT on THURSDAY, OCT. 30, and include an email and phone number where we can reach you! And if you wanna hedge your bets, tickets for Roky are available here!