We don’t know what the weather is like in your section of the world, but the grimness of our summer is slowly turning in to an even grimmer seeming fall.  Clouds, rain, the chilly wind of winter blowing through the streets – lets be honest, even for a Seattlite, it’s a little depressing.  Thus, when all-knowing, all-seeing, all-forgiving co-owner of Light In The Attic Matt Sullivan sent this hot pill of sun-shiny goodness down our collective gullets, we couldn’t of been more estatic.

We’ve been hyping the impressive live show of the reformed Jamaica to Toronto band (you know featuring a handful of performers from our brilliant JTOT and Summer Records releases) for a good while now, but now, well now you can hear it for yourself.  The CBC, you sweet fucking Canucks you, not only recorded the entirety of their recent performance at, er, Sunfest (a Canadian world and jazz festival seemingly) but are now streaming each individual song for your enjoyment.

Jamaica to Toronto does Bob Marley, Otis Redding AND Jimmy Cliff, as well as few of their own, deeply loved originals.  We’re not saying you HAVE to go check this out, we’re just saying if you don’t, the waves of pity that will wash over you will be too much even for the most iron willed of human … or something.